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What is Art?

The ART brings beauty to the world as well as history and culture. And it is a journey to the hearts from deep inside when the readers feel the art as if a mirror reflect themselves. Art cannot hold a candle to science, business or finance for they’d be long forgotten as the time went by. However, art leaves footprints into people’s hearts. Having been born in the artist’s insight, art writes everything in the human race and seasons with mankind’s joys and sorrows of life. In that way, the ART is priceless.

For some people, they might consider painting as copying, or cloning, which’s not. In my opinion, Art is more likely to show your own feelings. Take poetry and song. Artists put their thoughts on the paper to boost public feelings via their experiences of life. Art has its own personality, so strong that no one could ask an artist to paint what they like. The painting style or themes will not be changed by surroundings or other reasons. When an artist finishes his artwork, it more tends to be an astonished masterpiece that enjoys great popularity and his style may go virus that followed by people from all over the world.

Business Cooperation
Business Cooperation

Photo Arts

If you want your photos to be unique, you come to the right place. With my art brushes, I turn your photos into the one-of-a-kind artworks.

Business Cooperation
Business Cooperation

Translation Services Languages for both English and Chinese

Subtitle Maker

Subtitle Maker & Interpretation for Videos, Demos, Films

Literary Translation for Essays, Poetries, Stories, Novels, Articles, Newsletters, Paperworks

Literary Translation for Essays, Poetries, Stories, Novels, Articles, Newsletters, Paperworks

Traduction for Personal Event or Business Exhibition

Traduction for Personal Event or Business Exhibition

I’m a translator as well for years, doing lots of projects for companies and personal events.
Take ASSA ABLOY, Hog Slat, Kidpcc, YYeTs, Adrien Asselin’s Photography Exhibit, etc.

For You Only

Good services. Fair pricing.

Since each one is unique, thoughts for each one of you are different as well. That’s why the pricing and service are designed for one person only.

I’m here for you, only you.

Photo arts

Price depends on its difficulty.

Unavailable: Comics/Cartoon
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Price relies on its categoria.

Videos/ Demos/ Movies
Articles/ Newletters/ Stories
Personal Event/ Exhibitions
Unavailable: Urgent Tasks
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