Time and space are always together. When I find the space, and I have the time. Well, I’ve lost the track of the time now, I guess. The university life for me is a walk to remember…

And now, I’m pretty honored to get the exclusive. Let’s enjoy the 2016 Illustrations EXPO held by the students in our university, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, BTW.

‘Follow with Your Heart, Let the Design Fly’ that what we are trying to present. Every student had a various understanding of the transformation. What they thought and what they felt were totally different as they were designing,’ Mr. Li explained,’ And we tried to let our students picture their own transformations, and make a difference of their creations via this Illustration Course.’

‘And this’s our first exhibition from the whole grade. However, they are sophomores who still need to be improved not only skills but minds as well. We have to take time and to probe more often,’ Mrs. Suo added, ‘The theme about SEVENTY-TWO TRANSFORMATIONS is not the same meanings as in the novel Journey To The West. For some of the monkeys come to the modern century, some of them go back to the early ages, conceiving more traditional thoughts. And even some monkeys have reflections on what modern life will be. In a nutshell, this transformation is not primeval.’

Wanna feel the difference? Why not follow your hearts to come here and to feel the arts of transformation. The EXPO will be end till Sep. 23, 2016.

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