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The Dreams, The Moon


I’m back, but the night is still young.
In my dreams, I bring the moon home…


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I’m a professional digital artist, designer, translator, and a bilingual writer based in Shanghai, China. 

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Feel free to scan the QR code to follow my official WeChat Account – ‘梦与月’ (ID: BubbleSwan)

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If you are looking for the business, or even something more, please text to me ‘Shawn (BubbleSwan) Xu’.


The first thing that brings to you is the original articles and art of beauty. Please follow my official account ‘梦与月’.

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I share the knowledge of artworks with my followers. I write bilingual articles to boost your feelings. Please follow my official account ‘梦与月’.


When you are feeling down, when you need someone to talk with, I’m here for you. To enjoy the beautiful articles and artworks with first-hand. Please follow my official account ‘梦与月’.

Do More of What Makes Me Happy

I am an art-lover who enjoy the inner-peace between the arts and life. All I want is just to pour me a jar of peaceful honeydew on my heart, to offer me a quiet place for my paintings.

I enjoy the tiny relationship between words and paper. Because, I love writings as well, including poetries, essays, and articles, etc. A little sweet, a little sour, a little close, not too far. All I need, all I need, is to be free, to swim in the boundless words.

How I met with the LANGUAGE. That’s really a long story. But I do know that language is the bridge to shorten the distance between two different people. And I favor it so much. I become a professional for the translations, and I’m totally falling for it.

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