Almost three months later, I finally completed the artwork by picking up the scattered weekend times. My artwork, “The Warmth of LOVE“, was another 4K resolution concept art, which was a great catch for home decorations, and a theme background for desktop and mobile phones. Since the epidemic, we have lost the chance to travel. I hope this painting will give us a yearning for a better life, and inspire us to go sightseeing, to feel the beauty around us, or the world. Meanwhile, I prayed for each of us, wishing we all had a joyful life and a sense of well-being via fewer catastrophes and more happiness.

My artwork, “The Warmth of LOVE” was collected in the Chinese Yearbook of Illustration Art 2022. And I was honored to be awarded the “Chinese Illustration Art Award”. As an important document, the yearbook showed the current level of the artwork of Chinese great illustration artists and was aimed to help promote the development of Chinese illustration art.

Having been carefully selected from numerous participants across China, only 70 illustration artists of their excellent artworks were collected in the yearbook with various art styles. The yearbook is not only collected by CNKI for academic literature research and reference but also has guiding and learning value for Chinese illustration in the future, which can be read in various art institutions, libraries, art galleries, and galleries soon.



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