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I didn’t go to seek for the music, but the music found me. When I was young, I broke my leg while learning to ride a bicycle. Then I had to lie in bed for months, so I found the harmonica my dad used to play for me. So, that’s how music and I had met. The harmonica is small, which is tiny enough to have powerful emotions in it.

Same story as the guitar part. My grandpa gave me an abandoned and broken guitar, hoping that I could play. Having been cracked my mind for months, I created my first theme song “Shadow of My Back” with harmonica, and composited my guitar song “On the String”, “Hope” as well,  to express the world we were living in, which was full of cruel, peaceful, painful, and sweetness in our lives that we failed to control.

Latest Album

The Dreams & The Moon


As for harmonica, I have no tabs at all. Normally, I listen to the song track in the movie I love. Then I try to find a perfect harmonica to almost match the tunes. Having been listened to and tuned for a while, I knew the song well enough to be the harmonica one with my style in it. As for guitar, I just go with the flow of my feelings, let the music of the strings to do the trick. Anyway, Hope you all love my performances.

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