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梦与月 | The Dreams & The Moon

As a bilingual blog writer for years, I decided to kick it up a notch by founding an Official Website of my own to a top-notch, focusing on writing original articles, artwork demos, my paintings, translations, etc.

I love sharing my thoughts with readers who love arts and languages. I want to help everyone love the art of life, do more of what makes you happy.

I’m back, but the night is still young. In my dreams, I bring the moon home…

About Me

Digital Artist, Designer, Bilingual Writer, and Translator

Born in Shanghai City, I always wanna escape the city, and find the place with inner peace. Sometimes, I imagine myself sitting on the wooden chair while the sunlight shade soft light on my cheek. Birds are twittering, hidden in the trees. I don’t care where they are, I only care how much time do I have to enjoy that moment, to enjoy nature.

And that reminds me of the squirrel in the movie “ICE AGE” who threw caution to the wind just for his beloved nut for hibernation. As for me, I’d rather be that NUT – only for him, only for that crazy squirrel, to help him get through the freezing winter.

However, there’s still no sign of the SQUIRREL. Alone, I’m waiting in the snow…

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me 01

My Story

  • English Translation Field:

    a) Movie and Game Subtitle Maker & Interpreter in YYeTs for eight years. Achievements: Movies and Games Official Trailers, such as ‘You Got Served’, ‘Mass Effect 3’, ‘Sammy’s Adventure The Secret Passage’, ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’, ‘Superman Unbound’, ‘Watch Dog’, ‘Call of Duty: Advanced War’, ‘Assassin’s Creed2: Lineage’, etc.
    b) Original article writings and translations. I was once been invited to present at a Canadian Artist’s Photography Expo and to be his personal interpreter.

  • Arts & Design Field:

    A digital artist, being invited to be ARTFLAKES Digital Artist Online. Once been interviewed about my arts by CG China. Some of my artworks are honored as outstanding masterpieces by Zcool.com and are thumbs-up by one of the overseas artists, Adrien Asselin, and Cliff Cramp.

  • Original Writer:

    a) Blog Writer for bilingual writings. Take TianYa Blog is honored as Special Column of Fame.
    b) Official We-Medias: ‘梦与月’ for WeChat Account(微信订阅号), Baijiahao(百家号), Dayuhao(大鱼号), Tencent Blog(企鹅号), Aiqiyihao(爱奇艺号), LinkedIn(ID: Shawn Bubbleswan Xu), and Weibo(ID: BubbleSwan).

Do More of What Makes Me Happy

I am an art-lover who enjoy the inner-peace between the arts and life. All I want is just to pour me a jar of peaceful honeydew on my heart, to offer me a quiet place for my paintings.

I enjoy the tiny relationship between words and paper. Because, I love writings as well, including poetries, essays, and articles, etc. A little sweet, a little sour, a little close, not too far. All I need, all I need, is to be free, to swim in the boundless words.

How I met with the LANGUAGE. That’s really a long story. But I do know that language is the bridge to shorten the distance between two different people. And I favor it so much. I become a professional for the translations, and I’m totally falling for it.