• A Secret Place To Fall

    For wherever the loved one is, there’s EDEN…
  • Endless Dream

    When our eyes were engaged, I felt like the first star at night, which illuminated the darkness as well as brighten my heart.
  • Rise and Shine

    Every morning, my friend is always waiting at my bed, laying his head on the bedside, eyes on me for hours, hoping me to wake up.
  • This Looks Yummy

    But in reality, you weren’t there. My puppy stands by me instead.
  • Restless

    Looking down your picture in the pocket watch, I know I’ve lost the track of the time.

The Dreams & The Moon

A soft place for you to fall, a journey to my artworks…

I am an art-lover who enjoy the inner-peace between the arts and life. All I want is just to pour me a jar of peaceful honeydew on my heart, to offer me a quiet place for my paintings.


Short Film

I always want to make a story from my paintings, putting some of my artworks together into a short film. Having been created for a while, I finally tried my best to get the ideas into reality. Please enjoy, and hope this one will cheer you up.

Big Smile
Christmas Eve
Falling Leaves in Autumn
Stand in the Rain
Running Girl in Church

About Artworks

The life sparks my inspirations. A little sweet, a little sour, a little close, not too far. All I need, all I need, is to be free, to swim in the boundless art.

Star on Bridge
gallery 15
Chinese Ink Painting
gallery 13
Mid-autumn Festival
Wolf in Snow
gallery 14
gallery 12
Night Cat
gallery 16

I’m back, but the night is still young.      我已归,可是夜却未归。
In my dreams, I bring the moon home…   我在梦境中,带着月儿回家……


—— BubbleSwan | 楠

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