The Seventh Night of Lunar July or Chinese Valentine’s Day has just gone. As for our legendary “the Cowboy and the Girl Weaver”, this day was very precious for them, having so much need to say to each other. However, how this thousands and thousands of words were enough for just one day? At that special moment, they had to go through the reunion and the departure again.

When they hugged together once more, and slowly pushed away. Their finger went through their hair, caressed their arms, and finally, they traced down to their palms. A step closer to their fingertips, a step closer to their departure. As the distance became far far away, the sun was setting down. At that moment, it seemed the time had stopped there for seconds. He came down the Mortal World, and she went back the Milky Way, leaving for themselves to miss each other day and night, and to feel helpless and reluctant again.

As for our legendary “the Cowboy & the Girl Weaver”, they too might have a secret place concealed in the deep of their hearts. Because, wherever the loved one is, there’s EDEN. It’s not that easy to be loved. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack if you find each other in the whole world. Not alone to be fallen in love. It’s a killer to find a soul mate, a perfect one that really fits. That’s why I draw this painting, or “A Secret Place to Fall”, to show another image of nature. Love is like this nature has two sides. What kind of picture you have it depends on what you think about your own love.

PS: These two artworks are still in 4K resolution, which will be applied in an interior project. It’ll be part of the wall decoration for living room. Let’s look forward to it, shall we? 😀

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