Sticker is a killer for me that I normally afraid to design it. Because I draw digital arts for years, mainly creating realistic computer concept paintings. Cartoons and comics are really not my thing. However, I decided to give it a shot when my beloved dog, A’ Wang, was passed away after he tried to save my father. The sticker of my dog’s emotions and expressions will be a memory for me, I think.

Having glanced over each photo of its one by one, I lost in memories of its companionship with me. Grabbed the pen, I stared at the paper for hours. But the paper was still in the blank. I got nothing for months in the end. The draft drawings were still too realistic. Finally, I got another idea by turning the photo into an illustration first. Then, sorted out some most characteristics it had, I simplified what was complicated in its profile. Such as my dog had a “Chuan” Chinese character on its forehead and some white fur landed on its chest. Its body was in golden yellow as the sunshade soft light on it while its tail was up in the air and twisted twice, for example. That’s how I created my first sticker.

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