What I love the most was your eyes for I could see the sunshine and caring in you.
What I fear the most was your eyes for I couldn’t see right through you that humbled my heart.
What I hate the most was the distance between you and me for we were been apart, missing you day and night.

You didn’t say a single word to me, just standing there in the distance and looking at me. I couldn’t reach you, and couldn’t feel you. Alone, I stood there, even I met you in my dreams every night.

I’m pulled back to reality once more. The leaves are falling when I miss you the most…

This is my new painting. I share the dream story with you guys to understand the painting better. This painting is in 4K resolution as well. It fits perfectly as a wallpaper both in computer and mobile phone or painting that be hung on your wall. Hope you love it and have a great weekend. 😀

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