I got this idea from the Walking Dead. So the prototype was an unfinished painting in 2016. However, I had to put it aside for blank minds at that time. Now there went another year, I got what I wanted to draw from the movie Swiss Army Man, which’s the theme song really hit me from inside. As for fallen tree and canyon, I inspired by a survival game, FIREWATCH, I’ve played.

The most difficult part was FPV (First Person View), an irregular view I regarded it as a challenge for my painting. The FPV could pull the audience closer to connect with the painting by their feelings. That’s why I’ve dragged myself lots of time standing under the sun, trying to figure out the regular pattern of lighting and perspective.

Regarding my signature, I thought about signing it on the dial plate as a brand. For hour hand, minute hand and the date could be the expected time of painting I’d complete. After being blocked by the photo, I signed it on the belt instead. And the old photo was a sketch I drew a long time ago, BTW. Hope you love it. Enjoy!!!

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