What if we offer our Chinese Zodiac with 12 portraits each, what would it be then? Hosted by our excellent teachers, or Mrs. Suo and Mr. Li, the Illustrations EXPO 2018 is held in Design & Arts Academy, Jingdezhen Ceramic University once again on April 16 – April 17, bringing us a brand-new design concept for Chinese Zodiac Signs.

I’m honored to get an exclusive in order to share more of great artworks from this authorized first-hand masterworks with you guys in My Official WeChat ONLY. He who loves arts, no matter who you are, students or people from all walks of life, feel free to pay a visit, to enjoy the authentic work of illustrations, to be nurtured by those students, the potential artists from 15th grade.

“The design for the poster is the way to show a year that was passing-by from The Year of Rooster to The Year of Dog,” pointing at the poster, Mr. Li said: “In order to create a tender portrait, I painted the rabbit ears later during the design. And that’s how the way it is now – a Doberman head, a metallic rooster body, and the rabbit ears. As for the background image, I drew circles with a sense of form to imply the way of spread or the show itself as if the breeze rippled the water.”

As a matter of experience of curriculum design, I thought this year’s theme would be followed by the sequence of Chinese Zodiac. However, “Chinese Zodiac·The Portrait”, came as a revelation for this year. Mrs. Suo explained to me: “This is exactly what I want. Change is necessary. The theme project usually is completed by the student alone every year. And now, we take it up a notch by increasing more design that is involved in teamwork to be done, which’s need 2 or 3 students to complete it. What’s more? In memory of this mascot design lesson, which may be no longer in curriculum planning any more for the next grade. And the Illustration EXPO 2018 is a summary of the four-week lesson to improve the ability of animated character design as well as to boost their teamwork spirit.”

“We’ve racked our minds and put lots of thoughts on every curriculum design. Four weeks of the lesson is really short though, we still hope these lessons could make a huge upgrade on their all sorts of skills and qualities,” Mrs. Suo added: “We all know that the twelve Chinese zodiac design take the hell of work. That’s why teamwork makes the dream work. That teaching method enhances their communication skills with different people and increases their coordinate ability for monomer design. It strengthens the capable of scene design for the group image and heightens the ability of layout design for later display arrangement. The design is a killer, and sometimes, it drives you crazy. But, pain with joy, that’s how it is.”

Please note that this Illustration EXPO only is held once a year. So, you don’t want to miss it. Come to take a good look at the exhibit. Now or Never. 😀

Exhibition: Illustrations EXPO 2018 for Graphic Design in 2015 Grade
Location: Hallway of Design & Arts Academy, Jingdezhen Ceramic University
Date: April 16 – April 27, 2018

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