As the Exclusive Interview, I am honored to get the first hand of the 2017 Illustrations EXPO held by our talented teachers, or Professor Suo & Professor Li in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Allow me to introduce you some of the outstanding works below created by their students in 2015 Grade.

“Regarding ‘鸡想’ is a way to evoke the feelings for the year of the rooster in China, in which triggers various opinions for different people. This is our theme to imagine a rooster’s life, to understand who you really are. As for the phrase “鸡想”, it could be a phonogram for 吉祥(LUCKY) or 极像(ALIKE) in the Chinese Language, etc. To achieve such successful illustration design, our students need to be devoted to what they are really doing, and to let their imaginations fly by following their hearts with great passions as if they got a strong shot to boost their adrenaline.“ Professor Li said.

“This special discipline for students who just came from the holiday is the first lesson in the new semester. That’s why our students inspired a lot from their comfortable holidays, which they’ve put lots of thoughts in the illustration, and tried their best on racking their minds with enthusiasm,” Professor Suo explained to me: “Our students, they conceived all kinds of good ideas, ranging from a style that filled with humor and joy to thought-provoking stories. As to the others, some of them searched for concepts that based on their personal life experience while another one learned from the relevant idioms about the rooster.”

“The 2017 Illustration EXPO is another research project based on our Chinese Zodiac since the last 2016 Illustration EXPO about SEVENTY-TWO Transformations. We gathered around for brainstorm in every course. We kept studying on the same topic and probing further into its visualization and shape, or proposition and innovation. The illustration design was integrated with ethnic culture and contemporary features between the same theme and different ideas,” Professor Suo added: “It’s pretty fun while you were at it. Meanwhile, it offered profound meanings as well. Anyway, we’d love to invite you all to enjoy the masterpieces at the EXPO during Apr. 24-Apr.30, 2017.”

2017 Illustrations EXPO – Imaginations for the Year of Rooster
Addr.: No.1 Exhibition Room, Building of Design & Arts Academy, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.
Date: Apr. 24-Apr. 30, 2017 (8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)
Class: Graphic Design in 2015 Grade – Class 1/2/5/6
Mentor: Professor Suo Li & Professor Li Yingwei

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