Video Below:

Based on my original WeChat Stickers, I’ve created artwork and some sceneries with my Official Account Name “The Dreams & The Moon (梦与月)”. Having been designed and developed for several nights, the intro animation and the ending were completed finally via four software, including Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoints, and Corel VideoStudio. As for the harmonica background, I played on my own as well. Hope you like my work and appreciate your support and encouragement.

以自己原创的微信表情包为主题,结合我的“梦与月”名称,绘画了一幅画和几组场景,并运用AI、PS、PPT、VideoStudios 4套软件,奋战了几夜完成了开场与结尾,为未来个人微电影或动画片,做好了铺垫。关于背景乐是自己口琴吹奏的片段,期望你们喜欢,感谢一直以来的鼓励与支持。


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